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Future proof your farm with the help of goal setting

In the hustle and bustle of managing day-to-day operations, farming businesses can sometimes forget to set goals for the future. Determining a defined and realistic set of outcomes for the business can provide farmers with direction and a renewed sense of confidence, says the Rural Financial Counselling Service NSW (RFCS NSW).

“We have seen farmers face challenges due to neglecting the importance of goal setting,” says Craig Hough, CEO of RFCS NSW.

“We aim to help farmers steer away from this by equipping them with the correct tools and guidance to set clear goals and pave the way to a sustainable future,” he says.

Goal setting is the process of identifying a future desired state that is broken down to a series of targets for the business. These are backed up with an action plan setting out how those goals will be achieved.  

RFCS NSW is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to strengthen communities by helping farmers be prepared, responsive and sustainable and provides free and professional financial counselling specifically for farmers and related businesses. Local rural financial counsellors can assist farmers navigate their businesses with tools like goal setting and business plans to guide them to a more prosperous future.  l

Craig says the RFCS NSW understands when farmers feel uncertain about their financial future, it can add to their stress and impact their emotional, and physical health. Engaging in goal setting offers a constructive approach to establishing clear objectives that farmers aspire to achieve, along with necessary actionable steps.

“It is crucial we base goals on evidence. Farm performance, economic and,  seasonal conditions, policy settings and market forecasts are all important considerations. Speak to your local Rural Financial Counsellor to gather and analyse this information and construct goals and plans for your farm business.”

The contact number for RFCS NSW is 1800 319 458.


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The Rural Financial Counselling Service Program is funded by the Australian Government and the New South Wales Government and is administered by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry